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Rose Tipka

A homeschooling mom of 6, Vacation Rental Expert and Founder of Your Family’s Place, a vacation rental company nestled in Ohio’s Amish country focused on multi-generational, pet-friendly, large homes spread across 75 acres. Think of Rose as the fairy godmother of family vacation; making it easy for moms to actually enjoy their next “trip”.

As a mom of six, you can say Rose knows a little bit about family vacations—the ups, downs and everything in between. When she and her husband opened Your Family’s Place in 2017, they created their homes with mommas in mind. Designed with nostalgic vacation memories, families reconnect like the good old days—back before lives became too busy with jobs, technology, and a phone that never stops buzzing. Whether sitting on the dock catching fish, hiking the trails in the woods, or going head to head over air hockey downstairs, there’s something for everyone.  Your Family’s Place can’t stop time, but welcomes guests to slow down and reconnect with the people who are most important. 

How I Help


Empowering Your Journey

Deepen your knowledge with Rose Tipka’s educational resources. From blog articles packed with actionable tips to downloadable guides that demystify the intricacies of family-friendly vacation rentals, this section is your go-to source for self-paced, comprehensive education.

Live Trainings

Real-Time Guidance for Real Results

Immerse yourself in live training sessions with Rose Tipka, where expertise meets real-time interaction. Navigate the complexities of family-friendly vacation rentals with Rose leading the way, ensuring you gain practical insights that can be immediately applied for impactful results.

Speaking Events

Inspiration and Expertise on Stage

Engage with an inspiring blend of personal anecdotes, industry insights, and actionable advice. Whether you’re attending a conference, workshop, or virtual event, Rose’s speaking engagements leave audiences motivated and equipped with strategies to thrive in the family-friendly vacation rental industry.

Hospitable Hosts Volume 2

Read Rose’s story of how she got started in the vacation rental industry in Hospitable Hosts Volume 2.  She shares how her family “crashed” into vacation rentals, and her most embarrassing parenting moment- for now.

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