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5 Ways to Give Families a Kid-Friendly Home Away from Home, Part 1

The last thing a parent of young children needs to worry about on vacation is being able to relax because their kids are roaming free in an expensive rental home.  “Don’t touch that knickknack!  The cups are breakable! Get your dirty shoes off that white carpet!!!”   Vacation doesn’t have to be that way! Parents should be allowed to relax too.  You can easily ensure the families you are hosting won’t need to worry about any of those things at your rental.  Hand-pick your furnishings to be beautiful, resilient, and stress-free; you don’t need to sacrifice peace of mind for style when you can easily have both.  No need for parents to hide antique glass vases in the upper kitchen cabinets or be nervous every time their kiddos are out of sight!  After all, this vacation is for them, too.

Safety is even more important than easing parents’ concerns about replacing broken items.  Slippery staircases, uncovered outlets, and sharp kitchen utensils are things parents don’t want to worry about at home, so why should they have to on vacation?  To be certain that every family (the whole family) has their best trip ever, here are five easy things a conscientious owner should be sure to pay attention to:

1. Say No to Glass Tables!

Kids love to climb around, no matter how much their parents try to stop them.  Even though most parents forbid their kids from climbing on all the furniture, that doesn’t mean they won’t!  Avoiding glass tables gives you and your renters both an extra sense of security.  No worries needed about a tabletop falling off or someone falling through.  Sturdy wood tables are timeless, smudge-proof, and safe!

2. Makeover Steep, Slippery Stairs!

Walking down the stairs can be difficult for the littles, so why make it harder than it has to be?  A little bit of a carpet is an easy and inexpensive fix for wooden stairs- and no more slipping is guaranteed.  A door at the top and/or bottom of the stairs is a great way to keep fast-footed toddlers where you know they’ll be safe, and still leave the stairs for everyone who’s ready to use them. Having baby gates available for families to block off stairs as needed is also a helpful perk that guests will certainly appreciate.

3. Tippable, Breakable Objects will Tip….and Break.

Decorating a house is one of the most fun parts of being a rental owner, and there’s no need to hold yourself back just because you want families with small children to enjoy your properties.  Keep all breakable or tippable objects above waist level and you can feel confident that your house will look like you always dreamed and everyone who stays there won’t need to tiptoe around.   Beautiful glasses can be behind glass cupboards or high shelves, floor lamps should be swamped for gorgeous chandeliers, and plants should be hanging or set out of reach on a table.

4. Non-Breakable Knick-Knacks

Putting your breakables out of reach doesn’t decorate your coffee table! Non-breakable decorations are essential as well.  Keep an eye out for decor that can get a little bit tossed around- comfy throw pillows and blankets, sturdy vases, and knick-knacks the whole family can enjoy.  There’s no need to sacrifice safety for style.

5. Kid Friendly Dishes

Another lifesaver for parents is childproof dishware.  Set aside the antique china- parents won’t have to watch every meal carefully and you won’t have to frantically shop for replacement dishes between guests’ stays. Just because your dishes are durable doesn’t mean you need cheap-looking plastic dishes.  Consider using (Insert sturdy dishes here).  To get all parents of young children to love you even more, keep your properties stocked with sippy cups and anything else a young kid could need!

Making just a few small changes can have a huge impact on your guests with young children!  Parents are looking for a vacation for them and their children, and on vacation parents want to be focused on making memories as a family, not on keeping their littles away from that glass vase on the table.  Every little tweak you make to help families enjoy their vacations comfortably helps them have the trip of a lifetime- and makes them even more likely to come back next year to enjoy their home away from home all over again. 

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